Liability Insurance

If you are an employer consider whether you have liability insurance to cover situations where a third party sues for damages deemed to be a result of negligence on the part of your employee.

Families who receive funding through Community Living British Columbia may have liability insurance coverage if enrolled by CLBC under a provincial liability insurance program.  This liability insurance policy provides protection to CLBC contractors for the work they complete under contract and any resulting claims or suits made against them as they carry out their contracted duties.

Families or individuals who act as employers but are not covered under this policy may want to investigate their home policy. Check to see if coverage can be obtained under the home policy for hiring of support workers to meet individual or family member’s support needs in the home and community.

Personal lines insurance brokers and underwriters are familiar with extending coverage for families who hire live-in support in the form of live-in caregivers. A similarity to the kinds of duties that a support worker provides within the home and community for the support of someone with a disability may be the best starting point for explaining the duties of a support worker to an insurance provider.  

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