How does Support Worker Central work? is designed to match individual/family and agency job postings with support worker profiles. Once a job posting is created the user can select "search for a support worker" to see a list of support worker profiles that match the job posting. Matches are listed on a page called "job posting match results".  The user can then select "contact this support worker" to send a message to the support worker's private Support Worker Central (SWC) mailbox.

Once a support worker creates a profile they can select "search job postings" to see a list of job postings that match their profile and can "contact this job posting's owner" to send a message to the private SWC mailbox of an individual/ family or to view the public contact information of an agency job posting owner. Not all job postings can be found in a search; some individuals/families choose to keep their job posting private and support workers will only see those job postings if the individual/family chooses to contact the support worker.

The contact information that an agency used to register is always sent with their message to a support worker; the agency may choose to send alternate contact information within their message. A support worker can choose to respond to an agency message by contacting the agency directly through the contact information provided, or continue contact through their private SWC mailbox.

How can I increase matches to support workers?
You can increase matches by selecting fewer criteria on your job posting--only select the credentials, education, and skills that are essential to fulfill the requirements of your job. The greater the number of criteria, the less likely it is that you will find support workers who match all of those criteria. If you will accept any one of the credentials listed do not select all of the credentials listed; instead leave the credentials checked as "no" in your job posting or unchecked when performing a quick search. Selecting "yes" for all of the credentials listed will not result in any support worker matches as it is unlikely that a support worker will have all of the listed credentials.

You can "edit match criteria and search again" after performing a "search for a support worker" to use a search form that is populated with your job posting information and temporarily change criteria to increase matches without changing your job posting. You can also use the quick search form without changing your settings. Leaving all fields in the quick search form unchecked will return a list of all support worker profiles. You can edit any criteria in the quick search to narrow the search.


Please be patient while the Support Worker Central website is populated with support worker profiles. You can assist us by spreading the word about this website to potential support workers in your community.

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